Panels, Suncatchers and Gifts

Hanging glass panels can be designed to take advantage of a variety of light levels – for the window or to hang on a wall. They can be framed or unframed and can include a variety of techniques (traditional painting, sand-blasting, glass slumping) and types of glass. Choose from the selection online or order your own bespoke design.

Click on the thumbnails below to view examples of my stained glass work.

Hanging pieces of glass or ‘suncatchers’ can be sold singly or as a series, linked together with fired copper wire. Colours and decoration can be designed to order or bought from the selection online. Ideal gifts suitable for all light conditions, for a window or hanging free, for indoors or outdoors.

Coasters made to a bespoke design (e.g. family crest, personal motif or initials) or sold from the selection online. Robust, beautifully finished, unique pieces that will enhance your table setting, these are sold in sets of 4 or more.

Bowls, formed by ‘slumping’ warm glass into a mould can be made to your own design. Various techniques can be used to decorate the bowl and the choice of colours and motif are yours. An unusual and individual, but practical, artwork or commemorative gift.